Wheel Finish Details
This section helps with you with choosing the finish and paint options.




When discussing the finish of your wheels with one of our associates or any wheel company out there it is a good idea to have a clear understanding of what part of the wheel we are talking about when discussing the finish color. Being absolutely clear on what you are looking to order will help to avoid some very costly mistakes and disappointments.



Standard Finish Pinstripe Solid Color Center
Wheel Finish Options - Standard Wheel Finish Options - Pinstripe Wheel Finish Options - Center
"Standard Finish" normally includes a chrome/polished Outer Lip and any solid color Center finish (including brushed and chrome) "Pinstripe" is an extra option for the Outer Lip
of the wheel. It can vary in thickness and
it is normally sits about 5mm from the edge
of the lip.
When referring to the wheel "Center Finish",
it includes the whole center piece of the
wheel. Normally you can choose any solid
color at no extra cost under "Standard Finish"
Face Outer Lip / Rim / Barrel Windows
Wheel Finish Options - Face Wheel Finish Options - Outer Lip Wheel Finish Options - Windows
"Face" (pictured in black) refers to the center piece of the wheel but it does not include the sides/windows of the center. "Outer Lip" color is normally an extra option.
It comes standard in chrome or polish
(depending on the wheel manufacturer). Pictured above in "Gloss Black" finish.
"Windows" can also be painted/powdercoated
any color by request. This option is normally
an extra unless specified otherwise. Pictured on the above image in blacl color.
Inner Lip / Rim / Barrel Hardware / Bolts  
Wheel Finish Options - Inner Lip Wheel Finish Options - Hardware / Bolts  
"Inner Lip" is an extra option that is rarely used. Since the inner lip gets dirty and black from
brake dust, this option is mostly used for show cars. Pictured in black, it is the inside lip/barel of the wheel.
"Hardware" or "Bolts" is sometimes used interchangeably and it can be a different
finish as an extra cost option. Also, most wheel manufacturers offer a titanium bolts option. They can be exposed (shown above) or hidden (all other images).

Color Options:

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