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Custom Clear Bra Installation ACG San Diego


Interior Panel Overlaying at ACG
A simple way to visually improve your interior!

Most cars come with silver or painted front dash panels. Some have fake woodgrain and even fake, painted-on carbon fiber patterns. No matter which car you have, it gets very old to deal with the cheap plastic pieces every time you are in your car. See below how our interior renovation solutions can reinvent the look of your car's interior.

We use several products to overlay your interior pieces and we choose the appropriate product based on the complexity of the panels and the look which you are trying to achieve.

3M DI-NOC Laminates:

3M™ DI-NOC™ is a high-end vinyl from 3M™. The material can be installed on any type of smooth surface and it can follow any curvatures of any dash panel. DI-NOC™ is not just a printed carbon fiber pattern, but it has a distinguishable texture giving the material a three-dimensional look. The final product comes out loking like dry carbon. the advantages of 3M™ DI-NOC™ is that it looks expensive, it is very durable, it is inexpensive, and you can always take it off.


Carbon Fiber Fabric:

Carbon Fiber Fabric is much thinner, more flexible and softer comparing to other vinyl based laminates. It features an ultra thin layer ot vinyl on top of thin synthetic fabric material. It has nicer and softer feel then DI NOC and it has very realistic, carbon-like texture; however, it does not have adhesive backing. This material is as durable as any thicker vinyl on the market.

There are 2 ways this product can be installed. We can either attach it to a hard plastic panel with 3M glue or we can saw shapes out of this material and install it over your panels like any other vinyl. Because this material is much thinner then your average vinyl, the stitching is much more precise and it can follow the shape of your interior panels a lot better. Below you can browse the examples of how we use this product and what it looks like.

Automotive Connoisseur Group - clear bra installation at ACG San Diego

- Extended Longevity
- Dry Carbon Effect
- OEM Quality Finish
- Water Resistant
- Stain Resistant
- Crack Resistant
- Makes Dust Invisible
- Easy for DIY
- Negligible Thickness
- Inexpensive


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We will not stop until you are satisfied with what we have done for you!




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We will not stop until you are satisfied with what we have done for you!




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