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Product:   VMR Wheels
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VMR Series
(19" 18")
(19" 18")
(19" 18")
(19" 18")
(19" 18")
(20" 19")

EXECstudio is now the official retailer of VMR Wheels! We will meet or beat any price, just let us know what you are looking for.

VMR Wheels by Velocity Motoring are arguably the most suitable choice for your European road machine. Their classic concave designs look very sporty and paired together with a set of coilovers or lowering springs your car would look like it just came from a Nurburgring. These wheels are high pressure cast just like your OEM wheels and they are also lighter than most OEM designs.

VMR Wheels are made to fit the same way as OEM wheels do, without the need for installation kits or hub rings. VMR Wheels are built to meet or exceed JWL/VIA requirements and are produced at an ISO-9001:2000 approved facility.

We are an authorized retailer so the wheels are covered by manufacturer's warrantee.

The wheels have limited number of finishes from the factory; however, at EXECstudio we can custom powdercoat your wheels any color of choice at very competitive prices. Please e-mail us to inquire about the best possible price on these wheels and we will be happy to make your purchasing experience pleasant and hustle-free.



Velocity Motoring (VMR) Cast Wheels
We bring you the most regarded manufacturer in the wheel industry. Designed in Germany, made in Japan!


The Options:

There is a number of factory options available. See the list of options that can be done for your wheel setup. Additional charges may apply.


Standard Factory Colors:

From left to right: Gunmetal | Hyper Black | Super Silver | Onyx Black Metallic
These options are best shown in our VMR Gallery.



The pinstriping is not an option for VMR wheels. We will offer this option for these wheels inthe near future. Stay tuned.



The Fitment:

These wheels are available for order in pre-set offsets and bore. Whatever vehicle you might have, find out what offsets and bolt pattern it has and select your application. Please let us know if you are looking for certain application for your car.


Style Sizes Finish Offset Bolt Pattern
V708 18x8.5 Hyper Silver / Gunmetal 38/45 5x112
V708 18x8.5 Onyx Black Metallic 38 5x112
V708 19x8.5 Hyper Silver / Gunmetal 38/48 5x112 5x120
V708 19x8.5 Onyx Black Metallic 38/48 5x112 5x120 
V710 18x8.5 Hyper Silver 20/35/45 5x112 5x120
V710 18x9.5 Hyper Silver 22/33/45 5x120
V710 19x8.5 Hyper Silver 20/35/45 5x112 5x120
V710 19x9.5 Hyper Silver 22/33/45 5x120
V713 19x8.5 Hyper Silver 20/35/45 5x112 5x120
V713 19x9.5 Hyper Silver 22/33/45 5x120
V714 19x8 Hyper Black / Diamond Lip 32/38 5x112 5x120 
V714 19x9  Hyper Black / Diamond Lip 32/38 5x112 5x120
V714 20x8.5 Hyper Black / Diamond Lip 20 5x120
V715 19x8.5 Hyper Black / Stainless Lip 38 5x112
V715 19x8.5 Hyper Silver / Stainless Lip 30/40 5x112 5x120
V715 19x9.5 Hyper Silver / Stainless Lip 22/30/45 5x112 5x120
V715 19x8.5 Super Silver / Polished Lip 30/40 5x112 5x120
V715 19x9.5 Super Silver / Polished Lip 22/30/45 5x112 5x120
VB2 19x8.5 Silver / Polished Lip 37 5x120
VB2 19x8.5 Hyper Black / Diamond Lip 15/40 5x112 5x120
VB2 19x9.5 Hyper Black / Diamond Lip 22/30/45 5X120
VB3 18x8.5 Hyper Black/Hyper Silver 40 5x120
VB3 18x8.5 Silver / Gunmetal 40/20 5x120
VB3 18x9.5 Hyper Black/Hyper Silver 22/45 5x120
VB3 18x9.5 Silver / Gunmetal 22/45 5x120
VB3 19x8.5 Hyper Black/Hyper Silver 40 5x120
VB3 19x8.5 Silver / Gunmetal 40 5x120
VB3 19x9.5 Hyper Black/Hyper Silver 22/45 5x120
VB3 19x9.5 Silver / Gunmetal 22/45 5x120
VB3 19x10  SS / GM / HB / MB 25/38 5x120
VM2 19x8.5 Polished Face / Polished Lip 38 5x112





Wheel Checkup
Product:   VMR Wheels
Class:   1-Piece Cast Wheel
Standard:   3 Color Choices or custom
Weight:   19" are 26-29lb
Options:   Ceramic, anodizing, powdercoat, paint
    Custom Hardware Bolts
    Custom machined centercap
For a better quote:
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Call us at (877) 500-EXEC or (877) 500-3932