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MIRO / ALT Wheels

942 19" - 20"

935 19" - 20"
BBS LM Style
279 / MO2 18" - 19"
368 19"
BBS Style
STP-1 16" - 18"
STP-2 19"
OZ Mito Replica
STP-3 19"

Hamann Replica
371 19"

366 19"

no name

349 19"

BMW M3 OEM Replica

BMW M3 CSL Replica
M01 19"
Mercedes AMG Replica
M03 18" - 20"
Hartge Replica
BMW M6 Replica
346 VM2 19"

243 18" - 20"

We are glad to announce that Miro Design has EXECstudio as its newest authorized seller! To initiate our relationship with this 15 year old wheel manufacturing veteran, we'd like to showcase their wheels to you for astonishing prices!!!

We currently have great deals on these direct fit, low pressure casted, bad boys!!!
So e-mail us!

MIRO Wheels by ALT Wheels are very popular on the aftermarket wheel market because of price, high quality finish, strength and other OEM like qualities. TUV approved and tested by enthusiasts worldwide, MIRO is a sure choice. Furthermore you might see some popular designs that you really like but can not afford. MIRO makes them available, affordable and the quality is as good or better then the original.

MIRO Wheels are made to fit the same way as OEM wheels do, without the need for installation kits. The wheels come with hub rings when needed.

The wheels have limited number of finishes from the factory; however, at EXECstudio we can custom powdercoat your wheels any color of choice at very competitive prices. Please e-mail us to inquire about the best possible price on these wheels and we will be happy to make your purchasing experience pleasant and hustle-free.

Wheel Checkup
Product:   MIRO Wheels
Class:   1-Piece High Pressure Cast Wheel
Standard:   Various Color Choices or custom
Options:   Anodizing, powdercoat, paint
    Custom Hardware Bolts
    Choice of centercap
For a better quote:
E-mail us at
Call us at (877) 500-EXEC or (877) 500-3932






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