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Product:   AGIO absolute Wheels
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Lead Time:   5 - 8 weeks
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AGIO absolute Series






EXECstudio is now the official distributor of AGIO absolute Wheels! We will meet or beat any price, just let us know what you are looking for.

This is the wheel that is designed in Japan, produced in USA from US steel and custom fitted by Japanese professionals. We personally run absolute wheels on our demo and track cars. If you are looking for unique design style, immaculate and precise fitment as well as the lightweight and strong construction, these are for you. We have made setups to clear 12-piston 16" rotor brake systems with a 20" wheels having 2-4 mm clerances and fitted these on a daily driven e92 BMW coupe with 11" rear (yes, its possible and we are the only ones out there). We know how its done and we have done it with these wheels.

Absolute is the top of the line wheels for luxury sport vehicles and exotics made by AGIO. The idea behind absolute line is unique look without going over the top, extreme attention to detail and focus on performance. Due to the fact that absolute line is aimed at the high end performance cars, these wheels are very light and well balanced. In our lineup these wheels are very comparable in weight to BBS wheels. In fact these are some of the lightest wheels we have for the size!

The 3-piece construction allows for more customization and fitment options for each specific car. The center and the barrels are forged from T6160 aluminum of high grade. The forging, sourcing of materials and assembly takes place in USA . This allows for reduced weight, consistent quality of construction and composition of the wheels.

There is a plethora of options available for these wheels. You can choose the color of any part of the wheel in paint, powder coat, anodize. Any part of the wheel can be chromed or brushed. The rivets can be ordered in steel or titanium. All the offsets, lip sizes and width can be modified. Absolute by AGIO is the winning and unique wheel for any type of upscale vehicle.

Wheel Checkup
Product:   AGIO absolute Wheels
Class:   3-Piece Forged Wheel
Standard:   1 Color Face, Polished lip
Center:   forged, 6061, T6 treated
Inner Barrel:   forged, 6061, T6 treated
Outer Barrel:   forged, 6061, T6 treated
Options:   Ceramic, anodizing, powdercoat, paint
For a better quote:
E-mail us at
Call us at (877) 500-EXEC or (877) 500-3932