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RENNTECH Lowering Module Details
Renntech is the #1 US based tuner exclusively for Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz E/C/CL/CLS/ML/SL/SLK/S Class Before Renntech Lowering Module Install  

Mercedes Benz E/C/CL/CLS/ML/SL/SLK/S Class After Renntech Lowering Module Install


If you have an air suspension in your car, Renntech is the best way to lower it. Not only you will have a full controll over your suspension settings but also you can turn the car back to stock form easily. We have installed over 50 of these modules and we are yet to find a better unit for an air equipped vehicle..


Race Prep option involves introducing hollow chambers into wheel centers in different places depending on the wheel type. This significantly reduces the weight - even by several pounds per wheel in some cases.  

Renntech V3 Lowering Module Features

  • Easy and reversable installation
  • No wire splicing
  • PC and Palm Handheld ready
  • State-of-the-art adjustment software
  • Independent 4 wheel adjustment
  • Speed dependant car lowering
  • Extreme lowering possibility

Comparing to other lowering modules, the Renntech V3 will give you an ability to lower your car to the point where your tire will completely tuck inside the fender well (not that you'd ever need it but you can). Also, once you set up the suspension settings with your laptop or a Palm handheld, you can set raise and lower the car from inside the cabin with your OEM height controlls.

The price:

$1395 for the v2 or v3 module

$1495 installed for the v2
$1450 installed for the v3


RENNTECH Lowering Links Details
Renntech is the #1 US based tuner exclusively for Mercedes Benz.

Now you can get sensor links for adjustment of the E63’s rear ride height from RENNTECH.

Two separate sizes are available so that the customer could choose from different levels of lowering. The links are very easy to take out and replace. There is not even a a need to take the wheels off, just jack up the car and they’re super easy to get to.

RENNTECH will offers two separate link sets that lower the vehicle either 1/2" or 3/4". Custom heights / lowering available upon request but its not cheap.








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