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H&R Springs Details
Developed and produce in Germany, Bilstein has always been #1 in OEM and aftermarket suspension industry!

There are plenty of information on the manufacturer's web site so we will share our perspective. H&R Springs is the most popular lowering options for the cars we cater to and work on. The great thing about them is that you normally get several options for your particular application. There are springs that will lower the car slightly and retain similar stiffness and ride quality to your OEM setup. There are also springs that will lower the car significantly and firm up the suspension to be more compliant for the road / canyon runs and track racing events.


H&R coilovers, springs, spacers, sway bars by automotive connoisseur group execstudio

Normally H&R suspension components are in stock; however, they are backordered on some rare occasions. Please e-mail or call us to inquire about the availability and the best possible price on the shocks or the coilovers and we will be happy to make your purchasing experience pleasant and hustle-free.


H&R Sport Springs  

Race Springs

The most popular spring option that we sell provides the most lowering (1.75" - 2.5") and notisably increases stiffness for better cornering.

H&R Race springs are the most performance oriented choice in the lineup. They will lower the center of gravity and reduce body roll for better control on a street or track. Each application is specifically designed for the shock setup of a given vehicle; thus, bringing out better handling characteristics.

You may notice reduced oversteer on most cars and much more nimble response from your steering. Those who like rougher ride, lower car and razor sharp response from their vehicle will find H&R Race Springs as a perfect fit for them.
H&R Sport Springs  

Sport Springs

H&R Sport springs lower the car (1.5" - 2.0") These springs are the right fit for a person who is looking to lower their car to get read of the fender gap and get a slightly sportier ride.

The H&R Sport is most popular upgrade for the cars that are daily driven. The fact that the car is lowered increases the handling characteristics and steering response. Most cars get additional MPG due to less wind resistance at speed.

The progressive wind of the springs allowes for less coils in the spring without any significant reduction in comfort and ride quality. This is H&R's #1 selling spring setup.
H&R Supersport Springs  

Super Sport Springs

Super Sport springs will significantly lower the car (1.75 - 2.3) and stiffen it up. This product fills the gap between H&R Sport and Race setups. The springs will lower the car more then the Sport springs and stiffen up the ride a little less then the Race springs. We do not sell many of these just because our clients go with either Sport or the Race setup. This option is available because for certain applications H&R Super Sports will give the car a better looking stance then the other 2 options.

H&R oe sport Springs  

H&R OE Sport Springs

These are for a daily driven car and they lower your vehicle 0.25" - 0.75" depending on the application.

You get OE Sports for several reasons. You might have steep driveways and bad roads in your area so you are not looking for any significant lowering. You might also be the kind of person who wants to simply increase handeling ability of the car and yet not loose any of the comfort.








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