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EXECstudio is an authorized dealer for Tubi Style Exhaust Systems. We sell a lot of these exhausts and we have installed our fair share. We can answer any questions you may have about these products and provide you with an excellent price and over the top service.

There are several exhaust manufacturers out there that provide the absolute best product in every aspect that obviously comes at a premium cost. Tubi Style Exhaust is among those rare makes that combines superior construction, light weight, sizable performace gain and a higher-pitched exotic tone(F1-like). Every Tubi Style exhaust goes through the extensive testing at their manufacturing facility to provide all of the above listed qualities and yet cause any resonance inside the vehicle cabin at any RPM (drone).

Automotive Connoisseur Group / is an authorized dealer of the Tubi Style Exhaust Systems.

Every single Tubi Style exhaust is hand-made in Modena, Italy. Tubi Style is #1 choice for an aftermarket exhaust for Ferrari vehicles worldwide. Tubi Style is an OEM manufacturer for Pagani Zonda. Every exhaust is developed for every specific vehicle make and model and it is extensively tested on actual vehicles in house.

There are endless amount of reasons why you should spend the money for Tubi Style. At the end of the day you get what you pay for with anything high-end.



Tubi Style Exhaust Systems
Presenting the best manufacturer in the world. this is our personal oppinion that is proven by Tubi's track record!

Test Pipes
Test pipes are specially designed, high temperature resistant, hollow pipes made to replace the catalytic converters on your supercar. With the cats gone, exhaust flow is completely unobstructed through test pipes and as result there is a VERY discernible power increase. The muffling effect that catalytic converters provide is also eliminated, transforming the sound of the car, making it substantially louder and much more aggressive. With the cats gone, temperatures in the whole system are lower protecting your exhaust manifold from damage. There are further technical implications depending on the car involved so please do contact us regarding test pipes - they are the easiest way of increasing the power of your car inexpensively.

Silenced Test Pipes
These are the same as test pipes and deliver the same power increase but are 'silenced' to reduce volume for those who want more power but no more noise.

Sport Cats
Sport cats clean the cars emissions without restricting exhaust flow to the extent of normal catalytic converters. This permits a power increase without any environmental implications. Unlike Test Pipes there are no technical implications with fitting these excellent products but clearly there is a smaller power increase to be gained than by fitting test pipes.

Sport Manifolds
Our thermally insulated sports manifolds optimise exhaust flow from the engine. They are essential for those drivers who do a lot of track days and who need more performance and reliability. They are made from stainless steel, typically lighter than stock items, provide more slightly increased performance but crucially are MORE reliable. The Ferrari F355 stock manifold is a particularly vulnerable to failure - our sport-manifold for this car is particular useful.

Straight Pipes/Tube only/Competition Silencers
Straight pipes or "Tube only" silencers are very different to the standard sport silencers that we have on offer. They differ in that they are just an outlet for exhaust flow - there is NO muffling at all. As a result they provide the ULTIMATE sound for your supercar. They are loud and aggressive and make your Ferrari 550 Maranello V12 sound like a `60s Daytona!! Where once there was baffling, restricting exhaust flow in the form of a silencer, there is now nothing, resulting in a power increase which is also larger than our standard sports mufflers.






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