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Our perspective at EXECstudio is this. There are only several exhaust system manufacturers in the world that are recognized for their quality, flow and sound. In the Euro car world Eisenmann is regarded as the top dog among these manufacturers. If you really care about how your car sounds, Eisenmann is what you get. We run these exhausts on our cars and there is no substitute for the exotic sound that these mufflers make.

Eisenmann  has since 1988 been manufacturing top quality exhausts with full German TUV approval. Eisenmann systems feature an aggressive tone, and target the luxury European car owner who is proud of his car and wants to be noticed. The systems are made from 100% 304 stainless steel and are manufactured to OEM or better specification using Eisenmann's wide range of experience as an OEM exhaust manufacturer.

Eisenmann makes all original equipment and performance exhausts for many high end tuners / manufacturers including: Digi Tec, Porsche Gmbh, Brabus, AMG, Kelleners Sport, MST Wiesmann, G- Power, BT-Sporträder, DS-Motorsport, SAT, Sportwheels, Rieger Tuning, Reuter Motorsport, MAE , AWR/F, Schmiedmann/DK, Sportec/CH, Auto Tune Heinz/NL, Dähler/CH