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COBB Tuning AccessPORT
The tool that will maximize every performance modification you do.


COBB Tuning AcessPORT is a portable programming device that can alter the software parameters of your car's ECU. This presents several advantages:


AccessPORT for Stock Vehicles:

Race Prep option involves introducing hollow chambers into wheel centers in different places depending on the wheel type. This significantly reduces the weight - even by several pounds per wheel in some cases.  

Your car's computer is programmed to meet the EPA emission standards that are extremely strict. Because of that your car is de-tuned to meet those standards in any weather in any conditions; thus, hurting the performance and drivability. COBB AccessPORT can safely free up some horsepower by simply calibrating the sensors, readjusting the air/fuel ratios and remapping certain ECU parameters to operate more efficiently.

Most power gains can be seen on vehicles that come with any type of forced induction from the factory.


AccessPORT for Modified Vehicles:

When you get into the world of aftermarket performance modifications is where AccessPORT shines. Your car's ECU computer is a very fine-tuned instrument. If you change an intake/downpipe/exhaust etc. on your car, you might sometimes loose power simply because your ECU is unsuccessfully trying to adjust itself for the changes you have made. COBB AccessPORT can program the ECU computer specifically for the changes you have made; thus, maximizing the performance gain of the new accessory. No matter what combination of modifications you have on your car, you can have AccessPORT modify your current ECU software to accept every modification you make.

Keep in mind that the stock software programming is retained so that the ECU continues to operate as the manufacturer intended. This translates into impressive power gains with all of the intelligence, sophistication and protection that the manufacturer built into the system. Example

Advantages and Features:

  • Simple Installation - Just about anyone with even the most basic of automotive knowledge can quickly and easily install an AccessPORT. No computers, wire cutting/splicing or tools of any kind are required.

  • Base Maps - COBB Tuning provides several preloaded maps for common power modifications. Each base map is dyno developed and rigorously tested in multiple COBB Tuning facilities across the country These tests cover the spectrum of altitude, temperature, humidity, octane and fuel quality variables to ensure proper calibration and performance wherever the car is driven.

  • Change Maps - Since all base maps and custom tune maps are stored in the AccessPORT, you can change maps any time you want.  Switch to a race gas map for that extra performance at the track. Go to the Fuel Economy map for those long boring drives.  Load the Valet map to keep revs below 3,200 when you drop your car off with the parking attendant. The Anti-Theft map does not allow the car to start, keeping it safe in suspect areas or during extended parking.

  • Performance - Turn on your own portable performance evaluation suite! Measure 0-60mph time, 60 foot and 1/4 mile ET’s and Trap Speed. Switch to Dynamometer simulation and calculate your vehicle’s horsepower and torque.

  • Live Data - Monitor OEM sensor data on-the-fly. Use the AccessPORT as an additional gauge to monitor a huge number of signals, like: Ignition Advance, RPM, Boost, Wastegate Duty, Coolant Temp.,  Intake Air Temp., Ignition Advance, Mass Air Flow, Intake and Exhaust Cam Advance and many more!

  • Datalogging - Onboard datalogging allows multiple channels of data to be recorded simultaneously for later review. This allows for analysis of current engine performance.  Datalogs can be sent to professional tuners to provide additional power gains remotely through email!

  • Trouble Codes - The AccessPORT allows you to read engine codes to troubleshoot issues and potentially save you from an expensive trip to the dealership. Once the issue is resolved, clear the codes and turn off the check engine light.

  • Uninstall - In the event the car must be returned to the stock configuration, the AccessPORT can be completely removed and the ECU restored to its factory condition. Perfect for trips to the dealership.




E-tuning is a cost effective way to have a professional custom tune your car for the modifications you have installed, without the expense of dyno time.

E-tunes are conducted by data logging engine sensor data using the AccessPORT's Data Logging feature, then emailing the data log to us. We analyse the data, modify the calibration and email an updated map to install on your ECU.

E-tuning is a great way to have a map custom tailored to your latest modification or create a map for race gas without the expense, time and travel associated with a scheduled dyno tuning session.

With some of the aftermarket products we advise getting a map that will maximise the power gains. We consider it as a part of E-Tuning service so ask us about it.


COBB AccessPORT for Nissan GTR R35

  All Wheel HP AWTQ
Stock 480 awhp 489 ft/lb awtq
Tuned 521 awhp 527 ft/lb awtq
* This is off-the-shelf Stage 1 tune with otherwise stock GTR (93 octane gasoline)


  All Wheel HP AWTQ
Stock 449 awhp 483 ft/lb awtq
Tuned 474 awhp 498 ft/lb awtq
* This is off-the-shelf Stage 1 tune with otherwise stock GTR (91 octane gasoline Mustang Dyno)


  All Wheel HP AWTQ
Stock 430 awhp 425 ft/lb awtq
Modified 442 awhp 435 ft/lb awtq
Modified Tuned 498 awhp 529 ft/lb awtq
* "Modified" refers to a catless, resonated midpipe replacement (91 octane gasoline)


The product is backed by the manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Most products are in stock at all times but we suggest that you inquire about the availability prior to ordering the product.







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