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Automotive Connoisseur Group is the authorized dealers for BRABUS products. These are some parts that we hold in stock; however, most of the parts are special order from Germany. We have frequent shipments so the wait time is reasonable.

Brabus is the absolute juggernaut in the world of Mercedes Benz tuning. From the wild exterior upgrades to full-on conceptual builds this German company is always a #1 consideration when tuning your Mercedes.

Brabus is the top Mercedes aftermarket brand out there. Just like GUCCI brand it has the most recognition and respect of the automotive connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

The exterior BRABUS parts add sporty emphasis to the elegant lines of any Mercedes. Furthermore, BRABUS aerodynamics components are optimized in the wind tunnel. this insures that the drag coefficient of the vehicle is not severely affected and insures that the car stays planted to the ground even at extreme speeds. Whether the exterior components are made from lightweight carbon fiber or a fiberglass BRABUS parts are functional and extremely robust.

Visit the Product Gallery in order to see the Brabus parts installed on various models of cars. In order to purchase the product, simply call or e-mail us.











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