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Product:   JBT Brakes Systems
Pricelist:   Prices & Applications
Lead Time:   2 - 3 weeks
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JBT Caliper and Rotor Options
JBT Brake Systems 12-Piston Caliper
12-Piston Caliper
JBT Brake Systems 8-Piston Caliper
8-Piston Caliper
JBT Brake Systems 6-Piston Caliper
6-Piston Caliper
JBT Brake Systems 6-Piston Caliper mini small
6-Piston Caliper mini
JBT Brake Systems 4-Piston Caliper Forged
4-Piston Caliper Forged
JBT Brake Systems 4-Piston Caliper
4-Piston Caliper
JBT Brake Systems 4-Piston Caliper mini
4-Piston Caliper mini

JBT Brake Systems 2-Piston Caliper
2-Piston Caliper

JBT Brake Systems Cross-Drilled Rotor
Cross-Drilled Rotor
JBT Brake Systems Sloted Rotor
Slotted Rotor
JBT Brake Systems Brake pad Option 1
Brake pad Option 1
JBT Brake Systems Brakepad Option 2
Brakepad Option 2

JBT has been in business since 1996. With plenty of engineering put into research and development of these brake systems, we consider them some of the top competitors in the industry.

The brakes are completely customizable with sizes, colors, pad types, clearances hat sizes and types of rotors.

There are choices of lightweight forged calipers or cheaper cast counterparts. What makes JBT special is the size of the calipers. They can be smaller or larger then the competition depending on the customer's choice. You can opt for a smaller and lighter caliper for performance applications to fit smaller racing wheels and significantly increase the braking performance over stock. Larger caliper choice enhances the stopping power as well as the looks of your modified vehicle.

We use these brakes personally on our cars (primarily BMW's) and these brakes are amazing whether it comes to the track events (Willow Springs) or daily driving. The major benefit is much improved control of your brake pedal as well as its feel. This is critical in any kind of performance driving especially while cornering.

JBT also manufactures brakes for the top tuners like Greddy.
Our products include Calipers, Pads, Discs, Adapters, Brake Lines, and so on.





General Information

We require 50% (of the final price quote) deposit in order to manufacture the product.
Please be advised that there can be a wait time of 2-4 weeks after you place your order.
Above-mentioned products are JBT brand and JBT packaging.
Package contains Caliper x 2pcs + adapter (S45C) x 2pcs + One/Two piece rotor x2pcs + brake pads
Caliper come with Red, Black and Sliver. Chrome in special order.
Please follow general guidelines for the brake-in procedure.


Warranty / Defective item

Caliper / pistons have a warrantee of 1 year under normal usage (excluding pads).
Will cover a) gas leakage prevention; b) choked to death; c) break function ability
When break disc is under high temperature, please do not come in contact with water.
If there’s a defective/damage parts after received the shipment, please notify JBT or local dealer within 7 days of receiving.


Special request / Additional Charges

If customer demands for different brake pad type, prices might vary.
Chrome plating additional US $156.00 / set
Drilled rotor additional US$62.50 / set
Braided Brake line US $60 / Set
If the vehicles that you are looking for are not in this data base, we may make custom fit with your provided information. Pleas ask us for more information.



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