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This our coverage of some events that we have been a part of one way or the other.

October 11, 2008
  10/11/08,10/11/2008,formula D,finals,execstudio,pictures,coverage,photos,drift,execstudio,peter mikhailenok,allstars

This is our coverage of Formula D Finals. The drift cars the action the tire smoke, the works. Pictures will tell a better story then I will with these comments. Just check them out.


THE DRIFT >>>   10/11/08,10/11/2008,formula D,finals,execstudio,pictures,coverage,photos,drift,execstudio,peter mikhailenok,allstars
2008,09/28/08,09/28/2008,september 28, 2008,DUB Show,RickRoss,exotic,DUB,san Diego,convention center,lowrider,modified,BMW,Car Show,coverage,pictures,peter mikhailenok,images,execstudio,airrunner,agio wheels,vip car   September 28, 2008

There were some very clean classics at DUB Show San Diego Convention Center. There were a lot of ladies at this show. San Diego knows what to bring to the show to make it interesting.
Another cool part of the show was Hyundai showing off their new modified Genesis sedans.

September 7, 2008
DubFest 2008 was a great mix of european cars, enthusiasts and racing. Although this is supposed to be a VW show, every other euro make decided to show. Check our gallery for the highlights!
2008,Funkmaster Flex Show,Extreme Autofest Anaheim,08/10/2008,Car Show,coverage,pictures,peter mikhailenok,images,anaheim convention center   August 10, 2008
Funkmaster Flex Anaheim Convention Center. This year the show was better then ever. High end cars were mixed together with pure race cars and lowriders. On the stage LL Cool J has rocked the crowd and The Game got the party started. Check the coverage by EXECstudio.
June 1, 2008
  2008,extreme autofest,san diego,lowrider,modified,BMW,Car Show,coverage,pictures,peter mikhailenok,images
Extreme Autofest San Diego coverage. There were some very cool cars present at the show and the weather was beautiful. Click on the image to the right to see what was going on.
2008,bimmerfest,bmw,bimmerfest 2008,modified,BMW,Car Show,coverage,pictures,peter mikhailenok,images,santa barbarra   May 03, 2008
EXECstudio has represented very strongly at this years Bimmerfest. We made sure that we have captured the best that the show had to offer. Click on the image on the left to go to our "Events Gallery". See all of the 126 images inside!
April 12, 2008
  2008,long beach,drift,streets,formula drift,modified,BMW,Car Show,coverage,pictures,peter mikhailenok,images,santa barbarra
Despite the hot weather and shreds of tires flying in our faces, we have the full coverage of JDM vs DTM / Formula D Long Beach. We have 156 images posted!
2008,la convention center,bmw,hot import nights 2008,modified,BMW,Car Show,coverage,pictures,peter mikhailenok,images,santa barbarra   March 03, 2008
Hot Import Nights at LA Convention Center was the first official show for EXECstudio. We brought our cars and showed what we had to offer.
Thanks to 0-60 magazine for their support as well as to lovely models of Team Allstars Marketing.